The HockeyGang brand is becoming more and more recognizable, offering to buy professional hockey equipment online.

But our purpose is to surprise our clients with fresh offers.
That is why we present fresh new service - CUSTOM HAND PAINTED HOCKEY helmets, skates, sticks and other equipment using the airbrush painting method.

Airbrushing is painting on the surface of a material by spraying paint. Unlike other types of painting, airbrushing allows to use all the nuances of the surface, including the smallest details of the object to be marked in the overall composition, creating a unique and technically precise design.

Do you need it?
100% YES!

+ Thanks to airbrushing, it is possible to create delicate and technically complex drawings on almost any surface, resulting in a high-quality design.
+ The painted surface is covered with a special varnish that protects the drawing from external influences, making the equipment more durable.
+ Your skates doesn’t look like new? Then it’s time for airbrushing. Airbrushing will turn them into a work of art or return them to their original appearance.

Have an idea?
Write, call and your hockey helmet, stick, skates or other equipment will turn into a work of art.

No idea? We will help!
Write, call and your hockey helmet, stick, skates or other equipment will turn into a work of art.



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