CCM JetSpeed FT475 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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Brand new for 2021 are the CCM Jetspeed FT475 Hockey Skates! This year CCM is pulling out all the stops with their advanced one-piece boot technology, giving players a skate that is engineered to fit your foot shape better with a boot built for acceleration.

Jumping right into the boot of the Jetspeed FT475 Hockey Skates, CCM has gone with a one-piece boot. Engineered with no outsole, no stitching, and no glue in high-energy transfer zones. Players will get more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for faster strides. With a stiffness performance index of 140, this solid core will help players generate great skating performance.

The Jetspeed FT475’s tongue will be a replaceable asymmetrical felt tongue. New for this year will be the ability to customize your tongue with the new XS tongue system. The replaceable asymmetrical tongue with 7mm felt will have a reinforcement layer for increased comfort and protection. And if you prefer a thinner or thicker tongue, the XS system allows for easy replacement of the tongue giving you a customizable fit out of the box.

On the interior of the skates, the JetSpeed FT475 Hockey Skates feature CCM’s HD Microfiber Liner. This liner will have increased protection in the high wear areas inside the boot and will offer increased comfort for your foot.

Continuing with the comfort aspect of the Jetspeed FT475, CCM incorporated a multi-density memory foam in the ankle that wraps anatomically around your foot for a customized fit. Lastly CCM is including an ortholite footbed for lightweight comfort and support.

Moving to the bottom half of the JetSpeed FT475 Hockey Skates, CCM is continuing with their superior SpeedBlade XS holder! These holders were developed as a quick and easy way to replace blades on the fly, while ensuring you a consistent feel and performance every time. The holders feature a positive-lock mechanism that tightly secures the blade to the holder to prevent the blade from loosening during gameplay. The consistently tightly secured blade maximizes energy transfer from the boot to the holder and from the holder to the blade in every stride.

Partnered with the SpeedBlade XS holder are the CCM XS stainless steel runners! These runners are made of high-quality steel with a long-lasting edge for long term performance.

With the one-piece boot, XS tongue system and upgrades in almost every aspect of the skate, The CCM Jetspeed FT475 skates are made for the recreational skater that is looking to improve speed, comfort, and performance.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg



1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5


CCM Size Length in CM SHOE SIZE
Yth 6
14.5 23.5 Yth 7 Yth 6.5
Yth 7
15.2 25 Yth 8 Yth 7.5
Yth 8 16.2 26 Yth 9 Yth 8.5
Yth 9 17.0 27 Yth 10 Yth 9.5
Yth 10 17.8 28 Yth 11 Yth 10.5
Yth 10.5 18.3 28.5 Yth 11.5 Yth 11
Yth 11 18.7 29.5 Yth 12 Yth 11.5
Yth 11.5 19.1 30 Yth 12.5 Yth 12
Yth 12 19.5 31 Yth 13 Yth 12.5
Yth 12.5 19.9 31.5 Yth 13.5 Yth 13
Yth 13 20.3 32 Jr 1 Yth 13.5
Yth 13.5 20.7 33 Jr 1.5 Jr 1



CCM Size Length in CM SHOE SIZE
1 21.0 33.5 2 1.5
1.5 21.4 34 2.5 2
2 21.8 35 3 2.5
2.5 22.2 35.5 3.5 3
3 22.6 36 4 3.5
3.5 23.1 36.5 4.5 4
23.5 37.5 5 4.5
23.9 38 5.5 5
24.3 38.5 6 5.5
24.7 39 6.5 6



  JetSpeed Tacks RibCor
Tapered – Low ProfileNarrow forefoot, tight heel and low volume D    
Regular – Mid ProfileStandard forefoot, standard heel and standard volume EE D D
Wide – High ProfileStandard forefoot, standard heel and standard volume   EE EE


NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.
D & EE – The letter describes how wide the skate are, EE is wider than D.


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