Скакалка Tunturi Steel Adjustable

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Alone in the garden or together in an aerobics class? During a bootcamp in the woods or a boxing training in the ring? Jumping ropes can be done wherever, whenever and with whomever you want. This Tunturi Adjustable Jumprope is your perfect training buddy. The rope consists of a metal wire with synthetic coating. It is 300 cm. long and the rope is easy to shorten. That’s great because each person has a different length preference. The rope contains two sturdy, synthetic handles.

Tunturi Adjustable Jumprope — Sports jump rope — Fitness jump rope: the advantages
— Easy to shorten to the desired length
— Suitable for all kinds of sporting activities: from fitness to martial arts
— Easy to carry
— Ideal for at home, outside or in the gym
— Various exercise options to develop muscle strength and improve your endurance

Go for a fun and intensive workout and order this Tunturi Adjustable Jumprope!


Вес 2 kg

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